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Engineering Director Inc.
Engineering Director Inc.

The FLUXMETER™ Measures the invisible electromagnetic fields that surround us

Built in magnetometer

This free utility uses your Apple device's built-in magnetometer to scan for 50/60hz alternating current (AC) waves, emitting from power lines and unshielded devices that use alternating current, such as desk fans, space heaters, or toasters.

FLUXMETER™ uses a proprietary algorithm to "zero" out the Earth's magnetic field, allowing measurement of the local area magnetic flux only.

HVAC Interference

The issue of EMF interference on pipelines has been a known problem for many years. However, in recent years, as pipeline technology has improved and more pipelines are being installed in close proximity to high-voltage electric transmission lines, this problem has gained widespread recognition.

Pipelines made of conductive materials such as steel can be affected by the electromagnetic fields generated by nearby transmission lines. This can cause a variety of problems including unusual pipeline/EMF interference. Because of the potential for problems, it is important to be aware of the issue and take steps to mitigate or avoid it when possible.

Proprietary Algorithm

App uses a proprietary algorithm to “zero” out of the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing measurements of the local area magnetic flux only.

Data Logging Capabilities

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) sensors with data logging capabilities can cost thousands of dollars, this app is completely free and compatible with all Apple devices


Detect HVAC Interference

A very pragmatic and extremely useful tool, which is also with you all of the time, (in your mobile device), giving you an immediate understanding of the EMF and potential high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) interference risk.